What is Inhouse Gallery App? 

Inhouse Galelry is an Art Visualization app that helps Art lovers better match their home enterior to a desired point of art.  As soon as you download Inhouse Gallery you are able to view art  by artists, art galleries and canvas printing sites uploaded on the App.

How does it work? 

Inhouse Gallery is super easy to use. Download the App from Google Play Store.
(If you are Artist, Gallery or Canvas Printing Site)
Register with your Email and Password. Upload Art. Save your QR code and share it with your visitors, social media and potential customers with a QR code link or Inhouse Gallery QR Code Business Card.

Who can benefit from the InHouse Gallery App ?

Inhouse Gallery is a win win for both art sellers and art buyers. It eases ART promotion both ways  helping art lovers easily pick their desired art and art sellers or artists match their whole portfolio in a matter of minutes and present their portfolio to the cutomers need, or their home wall.

Can I create a new account under the same subscription plan ? 

Yes. You can edit your account details by writing to our support email and we will ammend your account.

Can I change payment plan?   

All fees are adjustible on monthly basis and you can change plan after one month with no additional fees.

Is there a fee on sales?

No. InHouse Gallery don’t detract anything from your creative hard work, you keep the full income from your sales. 0% fee on sales is our policy to help artists grow.

How do I sign up?

You start with a free trial with all features activated. We don’t collect your credit card until you’ve determined InHouse Gallery is the right product for you. You can sign up here: http://admin.inhouse.gallery/

Do customers need to subscribe to InHouse Gallery or even pay to use it?

No. InHouse Gallery is and will always be free to use for your customers. Visualization of artworks is completely free of charge.
The app is available for free in Google Play store.